What is CORE?

What is CORE?

CORE was founded in 2005 as a not-for-profit association, helping organizations through the complete sourcing and services lifecycle, from selecting your potential service provider, to negotiation, transition, governance and towards the next generation of services.

CORE provides unbiased thought leadership and education on service partnerships, where sourcing leaders can share strategies, best practices, and key learnings to help the community succeed

CORE’s mission is to help all organizations engaged in a services partnership succeed in capturing value. This includes buyers, providers, and advisors.

A CORE membership allows all employees of member organizations complimentary access to our Discussion Forums, Annual Conference, and white papers. As well, all member organizations get a discount on our Executive Education classes.

CORE offers a designation in managing Service Partnerships. - Our AOP™ designation indicates to the market that the recipient has been fully educated on all elements of the Service Partnership lifecycle, and are best suited to help an organization guide through all stages of the process.