How CORE Helps You ...

CORE assists organizations involved in or planning to become involved in service provider relationships through its education, research, conferences and networking programs.

In all of our work, we disseminate and promote the use of best practices in an unbiased manner.  Our sole interest is to ensure that if a service provider relationship is chosen as the strategy for service delivery, then it is done well.

We do not promote nor explicitly endorse outsourced relationships between parties.  We believe that it is up to each member to decide if such relationships are right for them.  While we do not conduct advisory work, we can facilitate the provision of such services among parties.

Join CORE to give your staff the opportunity to participate and learn from high value, focused programs in this very specialized field.  The content provided by CORE is not available anywhere else.  Organizations with informed staff get better results from service provider relationships and perform at a higher level.

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