CORE is the recognized source for education and thought leadership on Sourcing Partnerships. – CORE consistently engages with our membership and the broader community to determine the emerging trends in partnerships, and the best practices to manage new and evolving trends. To share this thought leadership with the market we utilize a few different avenues:

Discussion Forums – CORE holds a monthly breakfast session where we invite a keynote speaker and a panel of experts to discuss a leading topic in service partnerships. We ensure that we have the perspective of a buyer, provider, and advisor at the forum to provide a complete perspective of an issue.

Our Discussion Forums are available to our members as part of the annual fee, and are also recorded, and made available on our website.

Custom Education – CORE has authored several custom education courses, and is available to assist should a member encounter a particular issue where they require a neutral third-party perspective.

CORE ensures that we engage with thought leaders who are well versed in a particular issue to author and teach the course content. CORE has provided bespoke education touching on several issues in partnerships.

Executive Education – CORE has developed a series of courses that detail each phase of the service partnership lifecycle, and the best practices to adopt to ensure a smooth and successful service agreement. CORE has consistently evolved our courses to ensure that they capture the present state of the service partnership marketplace.

When members take our Strategy and Scoping, Selecting the Service Provider, Transition Management, Governance and Relationship Management, paired with an industry experience and reference check, they are eligible to receive our AOP Designation. This designation is a signal to the marketplace that the recipient is well versed on all aspects of the Service Partnership lifecycle, and can effectively guide a company through any phase.

Please click here to see our current list of courses.

Annual Conference – CORE’s Annual Conference provides members the opportunity to engage with the CORE community, and learn best practices from our series of guest speakers. Every Conference we ensure that the theme of the conference and the guest speakers we invite are capturing the future of partnerships and the emerging trends attendees will have to be mindful of as they advance their respective service partnerships.  

Attendance is complimentary to any participant who is a CORE member.