AOP Certification

Obtain AOP

CORE and its members recognize that the experience, skills, and knowledge of outsourcing professionals are critical to the success of any outsourcing arrangement. The Accredited Outsourcing Practitioner™ (AOP) designation indicates that an individual has a requisite level of both practical experience and classroom education. 

The path to obtaining AOP designation includes: 

  • Completion of the four Executive Education courses: Strategy and Scoping, Selecting the Service Provider/Negotiating the Contract, Transition Management, and Governance and Relationship Management
  • Pass rate of 70% on each course's examination 
  • Demonstration of appropriate outsourcing experience 
  • Submission of resume and references 

Maintain AOP

Every two years, individuals who have obtained their AOP designation will be required to show how they have continued to develop their knowledge and experience in the outsourcing field. 

An AOP maintenance log will need to be completed and submitted to CORE for review. 

The following are examples of the types of activities that may be included as part of an individual’s maintenance log: 

  • Participation in CORE program events (e.g., discussion forums and annual conference) 
  • Participation at other outsourcing events 
  • Publication of articles or white papers 
  • Presentations at outsourcing or supplier management events 
  • Additional on-the-job experience with outsourcing arrangements 


For more information on the maintenance of the AOP designation please contact CORE directly. 

Please see the cancellation policy for cancellation terms and conditions.