Executive Education

Executive Education

… making you better at what you do …

As the outsourcing industry continues to grow and mature, experience shows that a strategic, lifecycle-based approach to executing transactions is a significant contributor to successful outsourcing. CORE’s executive education curriculum is comprised of four 2-day courses that will provide attendees with sound, working knowledge of all aspects of the transaction lifecycle.

Delivered by an exceptional group of experienced outsourcing professionals, CORE’s executive education program is about “making you better at what you do”.  We look forward to welcoming you to a class!

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Each of the four courses runs for two full days and costs $2,000, plus applicable taxes. CORE members receive a 20% discount

CORE's executive education is comprised of four courses that focus on key areas of the transaction lifecycle.  The courses within the executive education program do not have to be taken in any particular order.

Who should attend

CORE executive education courses will be of interest and value to professionals and managers who are actively engaged in any stage of an outsourcing transaction, as well as to those who are developing an outsourcing strategy or are about to become engaged in an outsourcing transaction. Individuals who attend a course will leave with in-depth knowledge of the elements of the transaction lifecycle addressed by that particular course. Individuals who attend all four courses will acquire a comprehensive understanding of the entire transaction lifecycle.

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Request an Exam

For individuals who have completed one or more of CORE's executive education courses and wish to complete any of the exams, please click here and select the ones you wish to complete.

Accredited Outsourcing Practitioner Designation

Distinguish yourself from your peers with the Accredited Outsourcing Practitioner™ designation. 

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